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My Chemical Romance and a Tale of Motivation

As the band My Chemical Romance split up last month I thought I would share a heartwarming tale of true human motivation that involves them.

It was the summer of 2007 and My Chemical Romance had been chosen to headline one of the three days at the Download Festival at Donington, much to the chagrin of many Download regulars. By the time they started to play their set in the early evening it is fair to say a few beverages had been consumed by the patrons.

Out of the thousands gathered in front of the main stage a human pyramid began to form – or at least it tried to form; a combination of alcohol and jostling people resulted in the the pyramid reaching two or three people high and then collapsing into a mass of bodies. Some were caught by other revellers whilst others hit the hard, dusty earth and bounced. However, protected by the properties of alcohol and with a steely determination these people would rise up, dust themselves off and start again.

Over and over again they tried, for 10 – 15 minutes, with the same result. Many of these people had probably never put so much concerted effort into one single act in their lives, leaving them weary, bloody and bruised from the numerous falls… but they refused to give up. Finally, they accomplished their feat and the man who was to be the pinnacle of this human pyramid arrived in position. As one the crowd cheered, and the band looked on from the stage as he reached down to grab the banner whose prominant display had been the whole point of this endeavour. Finally he unfurled it to proclaim to the band and the audience…

download 2


After about ten seconds the pyramid collapsed and those who had made it wondered off happily in search of their next drink.

Human motivation truly is amazing isn’t it?


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