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Same old problems… New blog

It looks like I’ve been sat here writing lots of things over the last hour but in truth I haven’t – I just can’t find my old blog.  Well, I can find it – it is sat there staring at me – but I can’t get into it to access anything.  I give it my password, I use the help stuff, it sends me an email with my details – but I’ve got no idea where those emails go!

The problem is, I’ve got so many email accounts I don’t even know what most of them are – every time you do something new someone is trying to lure you away to their email account. Gmail, Hotmail, everyone has got a mail account they want you to use – I’ve even got a student email account I can’t get into because it conflicts with my work email in the same university.

My new login information is obviously being sent off to one of these accounts that I’ve created and immediately forgotten.  Far easier to just create a new blog and transfer stuff across than spend hours trying to figure out what combination of my name and random numbers has been put together for my latest email account – an electronic throwaway society for the modern age…

So, if you are ever wondering why you have to come up with even weirder email account names to find one that is available… it is probably because I own half of the email addresses in the world but can’t remember the login details to get into them!


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