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The plan… The reality

I felt like I had a wondrous idea for part of my PCET course and for my own Psychology course as well… I have to create a wiki for my PCET course assessment so why not create one that provides information for new or potential students on our new Psychology course? It could have information about the different topics, and students could help to populate this information on the wiki by adding stuff on the topics they have learned – after all, isn’t a wiki supposed to be a collaborative affair? Ah, the students….

I put this idea to my students in my usual, excited way when I get passionate about a new idea – a chance for them to help build something fur future students whilst also consolidating their own learning at the same time – what an opportunity!  They stared at me as if I’d grown an extra head…

Now I’m sure one or two of them may have viewed this as an attempt by me to get them to do my work for me! Of course it isn’t, it is the collaboration that is important to this wiki – and anyway, I’m going to have my work cut out monitoring the thing to make sure that no-one is claiming that Piaget put pigeons in a box!  No, the overriding suspicion seemed to be that this was some sort of trap – as an experimental psychologist you get used to people naturally assuming that everything you do has an ulterior motive (and, to be honest, most of the time that is true!).

So, in addition to creating the wiki I can see that I’m also going to have to do a bit of marketing on this one as well…


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