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‘Keeping you safe…’

So here I am in Texas at a conference and, in some down time (ok, waiting for the wine reception to start!) I thought I’d do a little work on my wiki… except I can’t.

I logged in with my username and password only to be informed that I was ‘accessing my work from an unusual location’ (not sure how Texans would feel about their capital city being described in that manner).

Now I’m using my own computer, I’ve logged in with my own password and username – so basically Google know my location and think it is odd that I have moved on the globe in such a manner (and without checking in with them – the audacity of it). Of course, they will allow me access if I just provide them with contact details so that they can verify that I am who I say I am etc.

All of this is done ‘to protect me’ of course.  In order to ensure I’m not being hacked, defrauded etc., I have to give up a bit of my freedom, a bit of information about myself that I might not necessarily want to give – my location, my phone number – no info, no entry.

Ok, it might not sound that big a deal – but it seems to me that it is one step closer to me saying “open the pod bay doors, please, Hal”… and I’m not doing it.

So, no work for me tonight – I might as well watch the TV…


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