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In Defence of Geeks

April 21, 2013

I’m a bit of a geek –  I’m quite happy to admit it and so should anyone else be who has ever been called a geek.  Now the chances are that if you are reading this you are a bit of a geek as well.  Most people who find their way to this page are going… Read More ›

Are You A Patriot?

Patriotism: the love and devotion for one’s own country, the willingness to sacrifice for it.  But at what point does patriotism become a negative? Where do we draw the line between patriotism and jingoism or nationalism? And can you criticise your country and still be considered patriotic? Patriotism is a many-faced beast: The pride of seeing… Read More ›

Paris Brown Let Herself Down, But She Had Some Help From Us

I’ve been writing up a paper on why there is no such thing as a ‘digital native’ and will post a preview later in the week.  However, the Paris Brown story that the Daily Mail oh-so-eloquently printed this morning kind of acts as a case-in-point for some of the things I talk about, so I… Read More ›

Unpaid Research – A Bit Of An Argument For…

 When I was an undergraduate I worked as an unpaid Research Assistant on a couple of psychology research projects. I learned a lot and it was hugely beneficial to me on my degree and subsequent postgraduate and career route. I would encourage any undergraduate to get involved in research. However, I also agree with the… Read More ›

On Morality and Taxes

Whilst the furore regarding Jimmy Carr’s avoidance of paying more than a nominal amount of tax appears to be fading, the issue of the morality behind avoiding tax remains (for anyone not aware of the issue there is a link to the Jimmy Carr story here and Prime Minister David Cameron’s argument that he was ‘morally… Read More ›

Dude where’s my (flying) car… and my stress-free life?

I belong to a generation that was blatantly lied to… by Walt Disney, Tomorrow’s World, and all of those others who tried to convince us that the future would herald hi-tech devices purely designed for our comfort and pleasure. Flying cars would whisk us to work where we would board travelling walkways to deliver us… Read More ›

A Nudge/Shove Towards Being Environmentally Friendly

I’m usually quite negative about the things that governments do, so I feel that it is only fair to also applaud them when they get something right. Whilst official statistics won’t be out for a while, data from shops apears to show that there has been a massive drop in the supply of plastic carrier… Read More ›

Sean Penn: Stupid AND dangerous

From reading the press I must be in the minority with regard to actually liking Sean Penn’s films, particularly those he has directed. However, the ludicrous statements he has been making recently on a visit to South America don’t just smack of niaivety, they are actually endangering innocent people’s lives. Over the last couple of… Read More ›

When too much knowledge gathering is a dangerous thing

And so I have reached one of those blissful moments in the academic year – reading week! The opportunity to catch up on those paper revisions, plan new research, and try to put out of mind the mountain of marking that is shortly going to take over my life! But this year I have worked… Read More ›

When policy just doesn’t add up

This is probably a sacrilegious view to hold for someone who works in a university, but I am deeply ambivalent about the current strike action – I can see the need for cuts and changes, but also feel that there is quite a bit of ideology and unfair targeting of these cuts. But that isn’t… Read More ›